TroutGetter Flies and Guide Service LLC was inspired by a life-long dedication to the sport of flyfishing and a fly pattern that has endured the test of time. Anxious to share our love of the pastime to its full extent, and (finally) in the fortunate position to be able to do so, we ask you to explore with us this wonderful world.

Our goal is to return to the mentality of stream etiquette and quality products in an era where much of that has been lost or forgotten.

The Best Priced Flies

We make premier quality commercial flies. We offer trout fishing fishing flies, with many flies also suited for small and largemouth bass.

All flies are hand tied with the finest materials available, with strict adherence to traditional patterns. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Our flies at the wholesale level are specially priced for resale at an excellent margin. You will find prices at $4.50 per dozen for trout flies, and $10.00 for bass flies, plus shipping at cost. To take advantage of the wholesale pricing you must buy a minimum of one dozen per pattern, same size.

We at TroutGetter Flies are prepared to stand the test of time through respect for our valued clients and customers, and by providing unequalled service, products and angling experiences.

The Troutgetter Fly pattern returns us to a different time. It clearly comes from the time when fly patterns were in transition from the gaudy quilled wing wet flies of yesteryear to the more subdued realistic nymph patterns of today. It was a time of classic masterpiece bamboo rods and the production models that have become modern classics.

It takes us back to the era when this was a gentleman’s sport of respect and stream etiquette. It is not clear when it was originated -- or by whom. It does not matter. It is a pattern of timeless appeal and functionality.

Aptly named because of its fish-catching ability, the Troutgetter has fished with us through a lifetime. It has provided us, and our fishing companions, with many pleasurable days on the stream. We at TroutGetter Flies are dedicated to the effort of providing you, our clients and customers, with much of the same pleasure and satisfaction from the sport.

Craig Hull