For those of you living in Northern PA and western NY, check your listing for "Fly fishing in the Northeast" on channel 16 for 13 weeks in the Spring and 13 weeks in the fall for the Troutgetter segment airing during that time.

Here's a note from Charlie after our day of shooting for the show...

Dear Craig:

Everyone know the possibilities of a bad day for doing a show in early season. The weather was perfect for the show we did with you. Not all shows seem to blend together as well as yours -- it is because of the professionalism you exude and the knowledge that you impart to your guiding clients. It's great to fish with a guide that has such good knowledge of his rivers and streams. The (fish) were where you said they were. When I listened to you, cast where you wanted it, and drifted the way I was told, it worked.

The uniqueness of segments of that show may make it one of the best we have ever done. In how many shows do you see an angler land a double! A double with a third fish chasing the two that were hooked (all on camera). Now add hooking up with a huge Palomino, and then close the show with close to two dozen fish, climaxing with a near 22” Rainbow with the girth of a football.

I can't wait to get my own supply of the Troutgetter Fly. I thought so much of that Fly that I am going to give away Troutgetter flys to 4 of my viewers live on the air.

Thanks for a great show!
Charlie Charlesworth
"Outdoors on the Fly"
"Fly Fishing the Northeast

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